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Month: December 2020

  • SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST‘FAT’- The word has endured sufferings from ancient times to till date. When we hear the word FAT, we have been upskilled to think of a horizontally enlarged sluggish human. We link fat with obesity, heart diseases, other lifestyle diseases and presume that FAT IS OUR KILLER. But is fat really our killer?READ MORE
  • 8 Emotional Healing Therapies For Better Health & WellbeingEmotions are feelings, thoughts and responses that are a sign of a thinking mind, a living soul and a reactive body; they produce different physiological, behavioural and cognitive changes as well. Doesn’t it then become crucial for all of us to first and foremost address, balance and even enrich our emotional state… as this is pertinent to enhancing our healing and well-being! Here are 8 emotional wellness activities you can start doing right away at home to boost personal emotional healing…READ MORE