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Maharashtra, India.
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Month: April 2021

  • The Power of SilenceA lot is realised when no words are exchanged. Become a better listener, find inner peace and improve self-mental health with the power of mauna (silence). After you read this article dear Reader, take 10 minutes off. Turn your phone on silent mode, turn off the radio and pause the web series you have been binge-watching. No, you cannot scroll through your Instagram, and pending emails may wait. Sit back and soak in the stillness.

  • Get your family offline with Atmantan’s FAMILY SUMMER CAMPThe season of summer brings the scent of fresh blooms and the excitement of a family vacation. This year holds a special significance to get your loved ones together after the testing year of 2020 that brought along the Covid-19 virus pandemic and a tiring lockdown. At Atmantan Wellness Centre, we have created a safe and fulfilling environment for a Family Summer Camp Summer to gift your loved ones the opportunity to take the journey of a holistic transformation.