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  • 10 Reasons Why You Must Go For A Meditation Retreat In IndiaMeditation is losing focus & bringing it to a point again and again. It is about re-centring and bringing them back to a starting point. It is a flow of wandering, and each time coming home to where you started. Find your grounding and a healing environment in the land where many spiritual masters have found their spiritual calling. Is sitting cross-legged, eyes closed in complete silence meditation? True that is the typical picture that pops up in the mind when one hears the word.

  • The Philosophy of the AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMABy Dr. Ravinder Singh Shekhawat, Senior Wellness Advisor, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Ayurveda is an ancient holistic health science originating in India some 5000, or more years ago. It advocates a way of life in perfect harmony with Mother Nature and has evolved down the ages to be an extremely comprehensive and effective way of diagnosing and curing diseases. Naturally, Ayurveda has become hugely popular all around the world and modern research has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the therapeutic effects of its treatments and herbal medicines.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Panchakarma TreatmentBy Dr. Aneesh Manoharan, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Ayurveda, the oldest healing science translating into ‘The Science of Life’ in Sanskrit originated around 5000 years ago and is often referred to as ‘Mother of all Healing’. Ayurveda aims at building and maintaining a delicate balance among mind, body, and soul and promotes a healthy lifestyle.