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Category: Immunity Boosting

  • How to Improve Your Lung Immunity – Diets and Foods to Enhance Lung ImmunityBy Dr Manoj Kutteri, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Respiratory exercises and a well-planned diet are essential to improve lung immunity, especially in this toxic environment. So let us plan our diet and lifestyle right to breathe well and live well. The following are some diet parameters which do a long way towards improving lung Immunity…

  • RAISE THE BAR ON YOUR HEALTH BY BOOSTING IMMUNITY – Understand And Boost Immunity The Natural WayBy Dr Manoj Kutteri, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Human being has the ancestral origin from a eukaryotic (single) bacterium which then got multiplied into many bacterial cells and hence we could be called as a bacterial mega genome. Our body has evolved from a single cell called as zygote and each zygotic cell is unique in its structure.

  • SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST‘FAT’- The word has endured sufferings from ancient times to till date. When we hear the word FAT, we have been upskilled to think of a horizontally enlarged sluggish human. We link fat with obesity, heart diseases, other lifestyle diseases and presume that FAT IS OUR KILLER. But is fat really our killer?