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Category: Safety

  • Get your family offline with Atmantan’s FAMILY SUMMER CAMPThe season of summer brings the scent of fresh blooms and the excitement of a family vacation. This year holds a special significance to get your loved ones together after the testing year of 2020 that brought along the Covid-19 virus pandemic and a tiring lockdown. At Atmantan Wellness Centre, we have created a safe and fulfilling environment for a Family Summer Camp Summer to gift your loved ones the opportunity to take the journey of a holistic transformation.

  • Living in a bubbleThe World wars & the Holocaust made us invest in underground bunkers, the Flu and Plague pandemics made us believers in isolations, while the HIV/AIDs virus made educated us about hygienic blood transfusions… as dark as all this sounds, the COVID 19 pandemic has taught not just isolate but instead smartly live life in a bubble!

  • 5 reasons to change the way you take holidaysThe words ‘new normal’ are starting to feel really normal now… we are all re-looking and re-assessing a new way of living; This new life however has to have all the key essentials of happiness that include health, family, friends and timely holidays as well!