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  • The Power of SilenceA lot is realised when no words are exchanged. Become a better listener, find inner peace and improve self-mental health with the power of mauna (silence). After you read this article dear Reader, take 10 minutes off. Turn your phone on silent mode, turn off the radio and pause the web series you have been binge-watching. No, you cannot scroll through your Instagram, and pending emails may wait. Sit back and soak in the stillness. READ MORE
  • Get your family offline with Atmantan’s FAMILY SUMMER CAMPThe season of summer brings the scent of fresh blooms and the excitement of a family vacation. This year holds a special significance to get your loved ones together after the testing year of 2020 that brought along the Covid-19 virus pandemic and a tiring lockdown. At Atmantan Wellness Centre, we have created a safe and fulfilling environment for a Family Summer Camp Summer to gift your loved ones the opportunity to take the journey of a holistic transformation.READ MORE
  • Living in a bubbleThe World wars & the Holocaust made us invest in underground bunkers, the Flu and Plague pandemics made us believers in isolations, while the HIV/AIDs virus made educated us about hygienic blood transfusions… as dark as all this sounds, the COVID 19 pandemic has taught not just isolate but instead smartly live life in a bubble!READ MORE
  • SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST‘FAT’- The word has endured sufferings from ancient times to till date. When we hear the word FAT, we have been upskilled to think of a horizontally enlarged sluggish human. We link fat with obesity, heart diseases, other lifestyle diseases and presume that FAT IS OUR KILLER. But is fat really our killer?READ MORE
  • 5 MOST EFFECTIVE METHODS FOR A HOLISTIC WEIGHT LOSSThe way we live our life absolutely affects the state of our health. This is shown in many studies; a smart lifestyle practice contributes to greater resistance to a health disorder, enhances the sense of wellbeing, and results in a slimmer, strong body. Diet, exercises, hydration, relaxation and quality sleep are the most important lifestyle practices we should focus on.READ MORE
  • 5 reasons to change the way you take holidaysThe words ‘new normal’ are starting to feel really normal now… we are all re-looking and re-assessing a new way of living; This new life however has to have all the key essentials of happiness that include health, family, friends and timely holidays as well!READ MORE
  • Common queries/FAQs on Sleep positionsWhat are the different types of sleeping positions?
    There are 9 known positions: The Foetal Position, the Log, the Yearner, the Soldier, the free faller, the Starfish, the Stargazer, the Pillow Hugger, and the Thinker.READ MORE
  • 8 Tips to Improve Your Sleep QualityFrequent sleep disturbances, fatigue early in the morning, the feeling of incomplete sleep, the want to sleep more after waking up in the mornings, or even daytime sleepiness are the most telling signs of poor sleep quality. Additionally, taking very long to fall asleep, constantly getting up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning in bed, etc. also indicate poor sleep quality. We recommend a few simple changes that you can make in life which could enable a good night’s sleep. READ MORE
  • 4 Natural Ways to Reduce Joint Pain and InflammationBy Nikhil Kapur, Ironman Triathlete and Founder Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    At a recent gathering, I heard someone make a statement that Ghee is the lubricant that goes straight to our joints… the audience seemed gullible and assumed the joints of our body are like door hinges where we apply some oil when they squeak. Everyone seemed to believe that consuming Ghee is the sole formula to avoid joint pain. As a student of Sports Nutrition and a triathlete myself, I knew that maintaining joint health requires an integrated approach. I am writing this piece to help us all make an informed decision!READ MORE
  • Natural Ways to Calm and De-stress YourselfBy Nikhil Kapur, Ironman Triathlete and Founder Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    A wise old man once said that he lived till 100 years since he slept on the days when he should have been awake and worrying. Stress is as old as Humanity and yes, it’s the opposite of the body’s relaxing mechanism. READ MORE