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  • Common queries/FAQs on Sleep positionsWhat are the different types of sleeping positions?
    There are 9 known positions: The Foetal Position, the Log, the Yearner, the Soldier, the free faller, the Starfish, the Stargazer, the Pillow Hugger, and the Thinker.READ MORE
  • 8 Tips to Improve Your Sleep QualityFrequent sleep disturbances, fatigue early in the morning, the feeling of incomplete sleep, the want to sleep more after waking up in the mornings, or even daytime sleepiness are the most telling signs of poor sleep quality. Additionally, taking very long to fall asleep, constantly getting up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning in bed, etc. also indicate poor sleep quality. We recommend a few simple changes that you can make in life which could enable a good night’s sleep. READ MORE
  • 4 Natural Ways to Reduce Joint Pain and InflammationBy Nikhil Kapur, Ironman Triathlete and Founder Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    At a recent gathering, I heard someone make a statement that Ghee is the lubricant that goes straight to our joints… the audience seemed gullible and assumed the joints of our body are like door hinges where we apply some oil when they squeak. Everyone seemed to believe that consuming Ghee is the sole formula to avoid joint pain. As a student of Sports Nutrition and a triathlete myself, I knew that maintaining joint health requires an integrated approach. I am writing this piece to help us all make an informed decision!READ MORE
  • Natural Ways to Calm and De-stress YourselfBy Nikhil Kapur, Ironman Triathlete and Founder Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    A wise old man once said that he lived till 100 years since he slept on the days when he should have been awake and worrying. Stress is as old as Humanity and yes, it’s the opposite of the body’s relaxing mechanism. READ MORE
  • Injury-free ZoneBy Nikhil Kapur, Ironman Triathlete and Founder Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    In my work, I have not had the need to frequently travel out of my home city and I must admit that I have been not understanding (in fact have been judgmental) of the travel schedules of some of my family members and friends who are practically out for 20 days in a month across time zones.READ MORE
  • 7 QUICK AND EASY DESK STRETCHES FOR OFFICE WORKERSBy Dr. Navita Basiwar, B.P.T, M.P.T. (Neuro), Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Sitting kills: The heart attack rate is greater by 54% in people who sit for long hours and many studies have now essentially declared sitting as the new smoking. Most of us average about 9.3 hours of total sitting in a day and to break the vicious cycle should do the following to reduce the effects of the new smoking on our longevity:READ MORE
  • What men over 40 years of age should do for wellness and work-life balance!By Nikhil Kapur, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    The 40s are known to be an interesting phase in everyone’s life. There is a change that happens in responsibilities & interests amongst other things. A few months ago, I was having a chat with a dear friend about how our choices in our 40s will impact our lives in the innings (the 50s, 60s, and 70s…) to follow. READ MORE
  • Affluent Millennials take wellness-cation!By Sharmilee Kapur & Aparna Gupta, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Why should a vacation be synonymous with excesses? The younger generation, popularly referred to as ‘Millennials’, are reshaping travel and wellness sector. READ MORE
  • Improving immunity (COVID19 specific)By Dr Manoj Kutteri, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Human being has the ancestral origin from a eukaryotic (single) bacterium which then got multiplied into many bacterial cells and hence we could be called as a bacterial mega genome. Our body has evolved from a single cell called as zygote and each zygotic cell is unique in its structure.READ MORE
  • Everything You Need To Know About Panchakarma TreatmentBy Dr. Aneesh Manoharan, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Ayurveda, the oldest healing science translating into ‘The Science of Life’ in Sanskrit originated around 5000 years ago and is often referred to as ‘Mother of all Healing’. Ayurveda aims at building and maintaining a delicate balance among mind, body, and soul and promotes a healthy lifestyle. READ MORE