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Category: Yoga

  • 10 Reasons Why You Must Go For A Meditation Retreat In IndiaMeditation is losing focus & bringing it to a point again and again. It is about re-centring and bringing them back to a starting point. It is a flow of wandering, and each time coming home to where you started. Find your grounding and a healing environment in the land where many spiritual masters have found their spiritual calling. Is sitting cross-legged, eyes closed in complete silence meditation? True that is the typical picture that pops up in the mind when one hears the word.

  • De-Stress with Yoga!By Dr Manoj Kutteri, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    Self-awareness is the key to happy life! And it is all about relaxing, de-stressing and connecting with your soul. As stress has become an inevitable part of our life – from exam routines, dates, interviews, presentation to emotional stress – there is a lot to fight through.

  • Yoga for Youth & a Disease-free LifeBy Dr Manoj Kutteri, Atmantan Wellness Centre

    In our busy, stressful daily routine, amidst the hustle of work, we often let things that matter fade into the noise. Our minds, are constantly on a move but our bodies are often not. We have tried those tiresome diet plans and all kinds of fasting, went for a walk but kept thinking about that meeting we have tomorrow, all with minimum results and even lesser benefits.