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Dear Guest,


As we welcome you to Atmantan Wellness Centre, we wanted to address certain precautionary measure we can take against the on-going outbreak of the respiratory illness (COVID -19); The World Health Organization has issued precautionary for all travellers and we would like to bring the same to your notice as well.

It is prudent that we as conscientious travellers report any symptoms of flu and/or chronic diseases or underlying health conditions.

We should all also follow the general precautionary recommendations …

Personal hygiene

Perform hand hygiene frequently, particularly after contact with respiratory secretions. Hand hygiene includes either cleaning hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand rub. Alcohol-based hand rubs are preferred if hands are not visibly soiled; wash hands with soap and water when they are visibly soiled;

Cough etiquette

Cover your nose and mouth with a flexed elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and immediately disposing off the used tissue and following this by performing adequate hand hygiene,

Refrain from touching mouth and nose with infected hands, as our hand touch public surfaces,

A medical mask is not required if exhibiting no symptoms, as there is no evidence that wearing a mask – of any type – protects non-sick persons. However, if masks are to be worn, it is critical to follow best practices on how to wear, remove and dispose of them and again, follow the steps of hand hygiene after removal of the mask,

And keep a distance of at least one metre from persons showing symptoms.

We, as a premium wellness destination are supplementing the diets with immunity herbal concoctions and enhancing all our existing sanitation procedures for the comfort of our guests.

We hope to see you raring to take on your wellness journey in the face of this latest healthy adversity. We assure you, as always, we are here for you.

While you continue with the wellness journey at Atmantan, the team at “Atmantan” is making every effort to ensure that your retreat stays safe and away from the threat and your support is solicited at every step. We would like to share hereby the steps Atmantan has implemented to mitigate the threat:


  • Any booking query where a guest might have an international travel history in less than 15 days is being declined.
  • Temperature scanning of every Individual coming In at Hotel Entrance.
  • Physical Clinical Scanning of every Check-in Guest before check-in by a doctor at welcome pavilion
  • Hand sanitizers placed at Key Locations.
  • All frequent contact surfaces such as counters, railings, banisters, lift consoles are being sanitized every hour including Buggy.
  • All arrival Guest Luggage Sanitizing externally
  • Travel History of every arriving Guest on Arrival.
  • CARS TRANSFERS: – All cars that come for pick-up will be Sanitized Hotel Staff, specifically the Guest sitting area.
  • All Drivers to weak Masks and Carry Sanitizers.
  • Departure Rooms to be disinfected thoroughly.
  • Disinfecting AC System once a week
  • The swimming pool is being closed until the situation improves.
  • Every Employee trained on proper hourly Hand Washing.
  • Guest also to be prompted for frequent Hand wash including while at dining.
  • Stopping procurement of Non-Vegetarian food as with decreased demand freshness is questionable and Non-Vegetarian Supply Chain is more prone to threat.


  1. Reducing the number of employees who travel from the City, keeping to the minimum required.
  2. Daily Temperature Check of every employee who comes from outside.
  3. Daily flu symptoms Check of every employee who comes from outside.
  4. All staff coming to Hotel Bus to wear Mask and Carry personal sanitizers.
  5. Daily record keeping of Outside the resort movement of employees coming from outside.
  6. Employees being educated on social distancing and not going to city malls and theaters.
  7. Departmental Briefings emphasize basics to avoid getting infected including frequent hand washing.
  8. Hand Disinfecting While boarding the Bus to the hotel and from the Resort.
  9. Staff bus to be daily disinfected while at the Resort.
  10. Morning Employee Activity to boost immunity.


  1. All Vendors are given Masks/ Sanitizers while receiving being done.
  2. Receiving being done with Masks and Gloves.
  3. The received product kept separately for 24 Hours or Packaged items disinfected.
  4. All materials received to be disinfected


1. What measures are being taken at Atmantan in these times of Pandemic infection?

Including prepping up the hygiene and sanitation, we have added credible immunity enhancing measures in the wellness programs of all out guests while isolating them in a wellness centric destination.

2. Why is it safe to travel for health and wellness to Atmantan?

We are aligned to looking after the wellness of our guests, may it be in our home grown produce, our In-house doctors, our alternative healing methodology and in our insolation in a 42acre nature rich wellness campus, away from the city and surrounded a clean and healing environment

3. Why is Atmantan the best place to come in times such as these?

All the measures that need to be taken to prevent this virus are staples at Atmantan.

Everything from Optimal sleep, nutritious food, healing therapies, cleansing procedures, immunity boosting lifestyle… In fact as per many of our guests, Atmantan is actually the most ideal place to be in times such as these.

4. How will you get here?

The domestic flights to Pune and Mumbai are all accessible and functioning on time… we are here to help make any other arrangements for you.

5. How can you stay positive and take better care of yourself now?

With work slowdown in certain sectors, take time out for yourself… take that crucial wellness vacation and get that immunity armour in place… No time better than the present!

6. I have just returned from overseas. Can I come to Atmantan

we can say that if you have traveled overseas in the past 15 days, then you are advised to wait till at least 15 days before your booking gets confirmed with us.

7. I have a booking and I want to cancel/reschedule

You can reschedule without any retention charges. Furthermore, if are within the cancellation window and then we will give you credit for the same amount that can be utilized by you anytime within 12 months

Please fill the enquiry form below to get in touch with us.

Travel Information

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India. We are reinforcing the Ministry's recommendation on the appropriate health & safety measures with our own team and guests.