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Mulshi, Pune - 412108,
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 20 66766666

Founders Note - Atmantan Health Care & Wellness Resort India

Founders Note

Atmantan Painting



Being at the helm of this project, we had a mission, that of creating Atmantan

The beginning of the solution that you seek for yourself, the ultimate formula for living this beautiful life as a wholesome and healthy human being.

We care deeply about the weakening lifestyles of not only ourselves, but that of our family, friends and people around us… and we naturally decided to be part of the answer as we felt destined to provide the self-aware and receptive individual with one such unique way of achieving their desired healthy lifestyle and maintaining it for all times to come.

There is a sincere requirement and therein the opportunity to create Atmantan, the holy grail… a destination which helps individuals put themselves first, a place that takes us away from our hectic lives and helps us re-connect with ourselves, while placing our needs, wants and desires at top priority, such that we are eventually inspired to do this for every day of our lives. A place to make us fall in love with ourselves… After all, ‘you’ as your top priority is not entirely as selfish as it sounds, it is in fact, the very need of the hour!

We at Atmantan wish to transform you to the optimal way of life which enables you to better what you thought was your best.

They say life is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration…
If you are inspired, then let Atmantan be your perspiration.
Sharmilee Agrawal Kapur
(Creative strategist & a Pranic healing practitioner)
Nikhil Kapur
(Methodical entrepreneur & Ironman Tri-athlete)

We at Atmantan recognize that deep and lasting change can only be made when these three components of our existence are ceremoniously and scientifically healed, in unison. Atmantan is an international, integrated wellness resort where guests are served and cared for with the warm Indian values of hospitality.

Atmantan Founders

The Way means inducing the people to have the same aim as the leadership, so that they will share death and share life, without fear of danger…

…Therefore the considerations of the intelligent always include both benefit and harm. As they consider benefit, their works expand; as they consider harm, their troubles can be resolved.

– Master Sun Tzu