Cuisine Philosophy

Kitchen Philosophy

We believe wholesome, organic, seasonal, local and nutritionally dense ingredients are the basic building blocks of healthy cuisine.

We carefully prepare these ingredients into delicious healthy dishes to delight our guests. Our food is designed to enhance and restore health and increase strength and longevity. Our own organic farms supply Atmantan’s kitchens.


● Sourcing

Wholefoods are unprocessed and unrefined and are full of essential micronutrients, dietary fibre and naturally occurring protective substances, such as phytochemicals which are essential for your health.

Fresh, locally harvested and seasonal foods have their full flavours intact which they release when we eat them. Picked as they ripen they contain the maximum sun energy inside their skins.

Organic foods are nutrient dense and they pack a far greater anti-oxidant punch than their conventional chemically treated brothers.

● Cooking

We believe that food is one of life’s pleasures, we create dishes that sustain the body whilst delighting the taste buds. We add natural additives and flavours, such as herbs and spices to enhance all our dishes. Himalayan and rock salts are used to add minerals as well as flavour.

We use healthy cooking techniques such as braising, steaming, poaching and grilling and we keep temperatures low so that we retain as much natural flavour and nutrients as possible whilst ensuring the food is easy to digest.

Where a sweet taste is required we use natural sweeteners such as fruit juice, honey, jaggery or coconut flower syrup which provide so much more in terms of minerals and anti-oxidants than the empty calories from white sugar.

We use healthy oils and good fats and whilst these are minimally used in our cooking we use only the best.

● Serving

We practice food synergy – each ingredient on the plate supports the other providing the best possible food combining for the body.

All our dishes are colourful, benefitting guests with many different and valuable flavonoids (phytonutrients) which provide amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

We promote a healthy attitude towards eating and serve portions which create a more mindful eating practice.

● Education

Make the guest wiser by :

Interacting about the food that they are being served.

Sharing recipes.

Encouraging them to attend the cooking workshops.

Spa Cuisine
Spa Cuisine
Spa Cuisine
Taste of Curative Gastronomy

Come get a taste of true therapeutic gastronomy at Atmantan, nestled in the pristine emerald misty valley that overlooks the cerulean waters of Mulshi Lake. Breathe anew, as you live and eat in the magical healing mountains of the Sahyadris, and rejuvenate in the land of Prana.

Taste of Curative Gastronomy