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Super Immunity Program


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Focus on unique immune-boosting measures with our super immunity program with a view to improving your resistance. Our immune system is our essential armour for protecting us from recurrent infections… and to build this to its best, we must indulge in healthy eating, a fitness-driven lifestyle while inculcating positive mental health!

Science tells us that for an infection to develop in the human body, there is a need for 3 key factors known as an epidemiological triad – an infectious agent (virus or bacteria), a favorable environment (our natural surroundings) and a susceptible host (human); Hence, keeping the ‘agent’ out/away may not always be possible as we have poor control on them, however, we can choose to control the ‘environment’ by consciously spending time in a clean, safe, unpolluted and nature endowed environment along with boosting the immunity of the ‘self (human)’. In this manner, we can control 2 of the 3 key factors such that we stay invulnerable to the infection. The SUPER IMMUNITY PROGRAMME has been specially curated to enable you to strengthen personal immunity in the healing crystal, natural environment of Atmantan (There is a special immunity boosting programme for senior citizens in their 60s and above as well.)

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This programme is essentially needed to allow people to focus and build on their adaptive immunity so that they will no longer be vulnerable to infections. While being sensitive to the fact that we all have individual physical challenges, this programme ensures customisation for people of all ages and capabilities. Here, the focus will be beyond the body mass index, with importance being given to the mind, emotional, intellectual and spiritual mass indices as well.

Atmantan immunity
The protocol within this retreat will be built along the pillars of…
  • Exercises that build immunity,
  • Meditation and Yoga that boosts both the innate and adaptive immunity,
  • Gut enhancing symbiotic diet that plays an 80% role towards improving immunity,
  • Living with and within Nature that boosts both the mental and physical immunity,
  • Adapting to an ideal Sleep cycle routine that contributes to adaptive immunity, and
  • Incorporating Mindfulness and positive thinking, that helps enhance mental immunity.

While the key builder blocks are all of the above, this programme will especially customize and focus on treating the individual co-morbid conditions that weaken the immunity.

ATMANTAN’S SUPER IMMUNITY PROGRAMME incorporates all of the above and provides you with an unmatched retreat experience which addresses the various aspects of your health, and tackles them in an integrated and personalised manner. By using the incredible experiential knowledge from traditional medicine schools of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine and combining this with the evidence-based knowledge of fitness, nutrition, physiotherapy and functional medicine, we bring to you a one-of-its-kind, result-oriented immunity booster retreat.

Atmantan immunity
Atmantan Sleep improvement

Super Immunity Retreat Inclusions are:

  • Doctor Consultations
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Postural Assessment
  • Daily Group Classes
  • Yoga therapy sessions for immunity
  • Outdoor activities for better exposure to nature and build adaptive immunity
  • Breathing and meditation classes for immunity and sleep improvement
  • Health talks on various topics
  • Therapeutic food to boost immunity
  • Fresh herbal medicines for immune modulation
  • Recommended naturopathy treatments and therapies for immunity building

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