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Just like most viral infections, recovery from COVID also takes a minimum of 2 weeks (for mild cases) and about a month for people with serious symptoms, provided certain lifestyle protocols are diligently followed for recovery. If we are not cautious about our own health it can lead to various subclinical discomforts in the future. We now know that we can have an excellent recovery rate (now which is above 90%) even post the COVID infection. People who contract this infection are recovering well and slowly manage to get back to their old lifestyle. For others, while the virus may not be active in our body, we still need to be cautious about what we do in our daily lives to stay immune and healthy.

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The need for post-COVID care…
The coronavirus is a deadly microbe that can do a lot of damage to different organs in your body. Even if the infection is mild or moderate, it is still possible that the virus might have caused some long-term damage to the respiratory system, which is the primary target for this virus (Long COVID). If you have had any other lifestyle illnesses or co-morbid conditions, the same may also get triggered for the worse, post a covid infection. Our body tends to become weaker after this infection along with a carry forward feeling of lethargy and fatigue sets in due to the continuous fight between the virus and our immune system. These post covid complications are quite natural, and the good news is that these if identified early on, can be monitored and managed with care, so that your body and you can get back to its optimal state of health.

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Our immune system is a reflection of our lifestyle and health. Since the immune system is our strongest armour for protecting from recurrent infections, we must enhance this by indulging in healthy eating, fitness-driven lifestyle and positive mental health to build immunity. Lifestyle modifications today, will certainly boost the immunity tomorrow! There are various factors that can affect one’s immunity, such as age, nutritional status, gut health, fitness levels, sleep, psychologic stress, mental health, immune compromised conditions and other associated morbid conditions.

According to Science and research, for an infection to develop in human body, there needs to be three key factors, known as an epidemiological triad – an infectious agent (virus or bacteria), a favourable environment (our natural surroundings) and, a susceptible host (human). If we keep the ‘agent’ out of this equation, as we have poor control on it, we can still at least choose to control the ‘environment’ by ensuring it is a clean, safe, unpolluted and natural environment, and also boost the immunity of the ‘host’ so that he/she doesn’t become vulnerable to the infection or post-covid complications.

Atmantan’s SUPER IMMUNITY Programme which boosts the post COVID Recovery, is specially curated for anyone who has had a past infection or has a co-morbid condition that makes them susceptible to infections. It is essentially needed for those who want to focus and build on their adaptive immunity and reduce their vulnerability. We are sensitive towards the challenges we face today in this pandemic and hence have curated a programme that is personalized for people of all ages and capabilities. Beyond focusing on the body mass index, we give importance to mind, emotional, intellectual and spiritual mass indices.

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Some of our KEY AREAS OF FOCUS will be…

1. Exercise and Immunity – Moderate exercises such as Dancing, Zumba, Aerobics, Jump Rope, and Spot Jogging or Sprints (High Intensity Interval Training) etc. are some forms of cardio exercises one can incorporate here for building on physical stamina and keeping up the energy. Exercises and Physiotherapy rehabilitation is used to help build those muscles, while working on and improving your core body strength and immune system. All these are done under the strict guidance of our Doctors and Fitness team.

2. Yoga and Immunity – Yogic way of living that includes satvik diet, positive thinking, physical postures, Kriyas, pranayama and meditation techniques, etc are best forms of mind-body to practice to balance your energies and to boost both innate and adaptive immunity. We have created special immunity enhancing routines under this programme.

3. Diet and Immunity – Diet plays a major role in deciding our immunity as more than 80% of our immunity is influenced by the healthy gut bacteria and the symbiosis in the gut flora. Fibre rich diet, superfoods, prebiotics, probiotics, anti-oxidants, herbs and spices play a huge role in building our immune system. These prescribed meals are provided under the guidance of our Doctors and kitchens.

4. Living with Nature – Being with nature, breathing in the freshest air, healing exposure to sunlight, and soul earthing with the soil, has all proven to truly heal the body from the inside out. Our therapies of Mud bath, sun exposure, outdoor exercise, farming, nature meditation, mindful walks etc. are all mood elevators as well as immune boosters.

5. Sleep Sanctuary – Body’s circadian rhythm is controlled by various hormones and neurotransmitters. These hormones and neurotransmitters are also having an undebatable influence on determining our adaptive immune response. We ensure you indulge in quality sleep here and have built a sleep sanctuary around it. This has proven beneficial in increasing the number of natural killer cells which contribute to adaptive immunity.

6. Mindfulness and Positive Thinking – With a good social support system here at Atmantan, we help create emotional health and positive thinking for our guests. Our social support system, practice of hobbies, creative pursuits, and quality time with our doctors and team helps de-stress you from pent-up and emotional trauma.

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Atmantan’s SUPER IMMUNITY Programme which boosts the post COVID Recovery is a highly efficient retreat programme that addresses various aspects of your health, where our doctors improve your health parameters in an integrated manner. We use experiential knowledge from traditional medicines such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine, and combine them with evidence-based knowledge of fitness, nutrition, physiotherapy and functional medicine.

We boost the immunity through prescribed diet, stress management, improved sleep, fresh air, unpolluted environment, fitness, yoga and exposure to nature. We also focus on treating co-morbid conditions that weaken the immunity.

Guest healthcare and safety is our topmost priority. Our doctors will do an initial evaluation before you arrive and will advise you on the recommended duration for your retreat. The minimum duration is 7 nights. On the day of your arrival, your consulting doctor will prescribe your treatment plan based on your health profile and symptoms. The inclusions mentioned below are indicative.

Super Immunity Retreat Inclusions are:

  • Doctor Consultations
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Postural Assessment
  • Daily Group Classes
  • Yoga therapy sessions for immunity
  • Daily fitness classes to improve respiratory endurance
  • Outdoor activities for better exposure to nature and build adaptive immunity
  • Breathing and meditation classes for immunity and sleep improvement
  • Health talks on various topics
  • Prescribed therapeutic satvik food food to boost immunity
  • Fresh herbal medicines for immune modulation
  • Nutritional advice on discharge
  • Recommended natural supplements (at extra charge) for home care

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