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By Sharmilee Kapur, Atmantan Wellness Centre

Atmantan is a dream come true… truly, not just the physical property itself but the solution to my wellness problems and trust me when I say I had a few of those.

I come from a prosperous Punju joint family and we all know what that means… we love our food and our celebrations most elaborately revolve around it too! Let’s now also add to the mix our khate-pitegharka (well fed, affluent) genes and the lifestyle that naturally lent us plenty of baby fat. If you are now imagining me as a cute, chubby and adorable child… u got it right!

Growing up, fitness was introduced through sports and moderation was practiced by the virtue of sharing the goodies amongst siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts. While studies and public etiquette decided our social popularity as children, in the teenage years it became all about fashion and careers.

Do also keep in mind that these are the years that pizzas and fast food chains were entering our burgeoning economy and during these challenging times my priority like many others was body perception and fitness (I was a teenager in the 1990s and I am not saying anything more than that!). While martial arts and aerobic workouts helped, I realised that there was a whole gamut to healthy living and eating which I needed to learn about!

In comes my precious gray cells which I like to believe I have plenty of (Thanx mom and dad)… I started imagining that perfect place where I could go to learn everything I wanted to about health, fitness and the wellness way of living… so yes, I did dream of Atmantan at 18 and while it only took almost 2 decades to become a reality ( sigh )… the dream of this paradise stayed with me all through my university years and my eventual marriage to Nikhil.

My dad is my life’s finest entrepreneur and somebody who never says nay but rather when! He has through the years supported my idea and vision but I am humble enough to admit that it took Nikhil to really partner for a resort as massive and ambitious as this and the silver lining was conveniently the fact that he is a huge fitness enthusiast and in many ways err… more into wellness than I am. So people, let’s simply re-phrase the above… Atmantan is for people like me, and run by people like Nikhil.

Welcome to my dream come true, Atmantan… the ultimate place for a personal wellness transformation.