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Mulshi, Pune - 412108,
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 20 66766666


The Acacia grove contains expansively luxurious lake-facing guestrooms. The strategic location of this grove gives you inspirational views of the lake and the sun kissed mountains in the horizon.
  • Plush King sized beds
  • Floor-to-ceiling view windows bathe the room in natural light
  • Stunning glass walled bathtub
The Acacia Lake grove houses 16 lavish lake facing guest rooms, of 440 square feet each. These have been so built, to provide the guests with exclusive and expansive views of the spectacular Mulshi Lake. The vast rooms are decorated with plush King sized beds and sink-in loungers, and floor-to-ceiling view windows maximize the serene views of the lake. The customised sheer and blackout curtains allow you to transform the room within seconds from day to night for precious shut-eye. The plush en-suite marble inlaid bathroom with shower facilities and a glass walled bathtub enthuse you to unwind and soak in soothing waters. The room spills into a luxuriant private balcony or a sit out garden on the lower floor, which brings you closer to the expansive lake. This amenity-rich grove has been designed for both guest comfort and luxury. All these guest rooms have satellite TVs, central air-conditioning with fresh air circulation provisions, telephones, refrigerators, electric steel kettles, wardrobe safes, iron and ironing board, hair dryers, bathrobes and exquisite aromatherapy bath products. (All in-room bath products are free of harmful preservatives).