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Mulshi, Pune - 412108,
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 20 66766666

Fitness & Yoga

Wellness healthcare center

Certified trainers and practitioners

Atmantan’s certified Fitness and Yoga experts draw on the disciplines of naturopathy,yoga, fitness, nutrition and life coaching to conceive for you the perfect ‘Wellness Formula’, based your individual abilities and requirements. This advice is further enhanced by the use of technology, to provide you with the most accurate fitness assessment. Our trainers and practitioners ensure you only partake in safe and effective programs.

Fitness and yoga retreats


Atmantan’s holistic approach to yoga and fitness helps guide you towards comprehensive wellness, improving stability, flexibility, endurance and strength of the body, as well as the mind. The mind-body connection is an important aspect of our approach; the balance between these is most crucial for everyone and is worked upon and restored as you participate in fitness and yoga activities. Cardio activities are supplemented with meditation, yoga and Pranic healing as you proceed on a personal journey of spirituality, positive thinking and effective energy transfer. After all, it is a fit body and an able mind that will help you maintain holistic mindfulness.

Atmantan Physiotherapy


Boredom is not an option, as our trainers design and guide you through customized programs and work-out regimes, choosing from a plethora of exercise styles.

Shakti (meaning ‘strength and endurance’ in Sanskrit), a 3500 square feet high-tech gymnasium is at your disposal. A functionally inspired fitness studio – aerobics, an indoor spinning studio, an expansive yoga studio, a multi-functional Pilates and dance studio, and a unique enclosed temperature-controlled environmentally friendly, chemical-free salt water pool make us the best fitness resort in India. Supplementing this, is a spacious recreational sports complex, the amphitheatre – Prana (meaning ‘life giving force’ in Sanskrit).

Fitness and yoga activities


The fitness and yoga workout revolve around guest capabilities and requirements, while providing you with optimal daily exercise, in tune with your chosen package. Daily workout schedules engage you in activities designed to enhance well-being both physically and mentally. Our personal trainers combine their years of experience with the latest research in functional training, to help you achieve the best results, in a safe and enjoyable manner with our specialised yoga for fitness and wellness. We are definitely one of the best yoga centers in India with an integrated approach to fitness & yoga and yoga for fitness and wellness!

Atmantan Physiotherapy