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Most people tend to only think of

Physical therapy, or Physio,

As exercises to rehabilitate post an illness, injury or surgery.

They do not realise that all the slight physical misalignments we accumulate as a result of our daily habits – including sedentary lifestyle, improper movement or even poor posture, can eventually impact our health, manifesting in myriad symptoms ranging from low energy or poor digestion, right through to debilitating aches and pains. The answer to these niggling problems is physiotherapy, which is the perfect restorative workout.

Physiotherapy treatment Physiotherapy centre in Pune

Optimal Lifestyle

Poor lifestyle-induced ailments can be effectively corrected with timely and regular physiotherapy. At Atmantan, we believe in optimal lifestyle management and so offer physiotherapy to all our guests. After all, how can we feel and be truly healthy without harmonious functional movement?

Our physiotherapists interpret and offer corrective workouts to the guests based on their customized requirements. Lifestyle and other life incidences cause a variant in our body mechanics and this can only be rectified through isometric and prescribed exercises.

Physical analysis

Postural Assessment and Physical Analysis

The physiotherapy menu offers you a plethora of remedial services right from postural assessment and physical analysis, to various manual and movement therapies that go beyond amending impairments. We at Atmantan encourage you to seek timely and regular physiotherapy that will promote mobility, improve function, and enhance your quality of life.

Postural assessment