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Mulshi, Pune - 412108,
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 20 66766666



Vistara, Main Dining

The name means ‘spectacular view’ and is a hybrid of ‘vista’ and the Sanskrit word Vistaar meaning ‘expanse’.
VISTARA, is our food theatre that gives you a holistic dining experience that truly inspires your taste buds. Serving creative and nourishing spa cuisine, it opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Upholstered in sky shades, and encompassing sweeping views of the lake, VISTARA offers guests both indoor and outdoor seating.

Té-jus,The Juice Bar

The name means ‘inner energy’ in Sanskrit, and in its duality is also a derivation of the words ‘tea’ and ‘juice’.
This is the Atmantan Bistro serving epicurean healthy delights prepared a la minute using farm fresh produce which complements our wellness retreats. The myriad colours and gilded patterns of Té-jus are inspired by the varied moods and personalities of the Atmantan guest, as they choose to indulge in a soothing cup of tea or a replenishing liquid concoction. Guests can relax and sip serenity in the afternoons and evenings at the bistro, and enjoy the breath-taking 360 degrees terraced vistas of the lake, valley and mountains.

Chantara,the barbeque Lounge

The name means ‘the sparkling night sky’ and ensues from the Sanskrit words, chaand meaning the ‘moon’ and taara meaning ‘star’.
CHANTARA is the alfresco dining lounge at Atmantan that serves innovative grills and interactive experiences to its guests. Open in the evenings, guests unwind here midst music and sizzling spa cuisine. With a starry décor and an ambience as free as the night sky, CHANTARA brings forth enthralling evenings of leisure.