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Mulshi, Pune - 412108,
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 20 66766666

Wellness Therapies

Spa resort
Atmantan Spa is depicted with the orange marigold, the Indian flower known for its many health benefits and therapeutic uses.
The Wellness Pavilion is your haven of bliss. Therapies here are based on the concept that our bodies have the innate capacity to self-heal, and through the optimal channeling of body’s own energies, the benefits are manifold. This one of a kind luxury spa resort in India offers a plethora of remedies, all carefully selected to complement and enhance the individuals’ aspirations for wellness at Atmantan. The extensive menu spans traditional Ayurveda, western massages, oriental acupressure, aromatherapy treatments, holistic anti-ageing facials, the Chi Nei Tsang treatment, purifying body polishes, cocooning wraps and the Pranic chakra scan and cleanse. It also includes specialist treatments such as the Hammam, Vichy showers, open-colonics and soothing Balneotherapy.
Atmantan - Wellness Spa
Complementing the high-touch approach, the spa also uses technologies supported by medical and scientific research, and also embraces the principles of Pranic healing and bio-energy transfer to the body via water, air and sound. After all, healing paramount is the transfer of positive energy and information to the eventual recipient, the guest. Being sincerely committed to healing, all products used at the Atmantan Spa are natural, aromatherapy based, and free of harmful chemical preservatives and parabens. This ensures comprehensive therapeutic benefits inside out. The ultimate healing power of each treatment at this luxury spa is not just skin deep but resonates on a more holistic level, transcending the individual to a renewed level of harmony and tranquility. Atmantan is one of the best spa resorts near Mumbai where you can rejuvenate and relax…. It’s the best spa deal for your mind, body and soul!