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Rejuvenate your atma (soul), mana (mind) and tann (body) as the year ends and bring on those celebrations to welcome the New Year with health and happiness!

Most successful and sort-after personalities today celebrate Year End and Festive Season with the people that matter to them! Most of us do.. but what is it that they do differently that puts them on top of their game every consecutive New Year?

After having slogged the entire year; everyone deserves a break! Those two days of unwinding and relaxing to gear up for the coming year without compromising on one’s health and sticking to their health goals.

How to do that?

The answer lies with those who are always a performance power-house.. be it a celebrity or a business tycoon or a sportsman… basically a successful personality!

These successful personalities have resolutions that revolve around fitness thus strengthening their ability to perform better in the New Year.

stjohn image [PC:]

Saint John,

As head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music and iTunes, she is constantly on the move. But she takes the leadup to the new year as an opportunity to slow down, “On the cusp of a new year, I continue my yearly ritual of exfoliating and massaging the old year out, to usher in the new…”.

Ranveer image [PC:]

Ranveer Singh,

Actor, says “Being fit constitutes a large part of self confidence. So for me, it’s a lifestyle choice and I’d recommend it to everyone” … Dedication is everything!

Adele image [PC:]


Singer and Celebrity decided to go on a major weight loss spree as her New Year goal.. she ofcourse aced it.. A healthy mind, body and soul will result into a healthy way forward!

Virat image [PC:]

Virat Kohli,

Captain of Indian Cricket Team “A fit body gives you confidence, and theres nothing more impressive than a great attitude which you can wear on your sleeve

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