Visiting Practitioners & Special Events

Atmantan hosts Visiting practitioners and consultants on a regular basis to improve and benefit the guest’s wellness experience. These renowned healers and doctors bring to Atmantan their varied skills and therapies, along with their rich life research such that the in-house guest can partake in the offered workshops and programmes. The Visiting Practitioner and Special Events schedule is a dynamic calendar and is updated and added to on monthly basis.

(The Visiting Practitioner and Special Events schedule however may change due to a last minute personal or circumstantial unavailability of the practitioner and in such circumstances we request guest co-operation; we invite you to check the calendar closer to your arrival for specific and recent updates.)

Atmantan welcomes Maor Netsah , Integrative Manual Therapist this October!

Maor Netsah

Maor Netsah

Integrative Manual Therapy is a specialized touch and movement testing used to understand the causes of problems through the nervous system, connecting the psychological, emotional, energetic, breathing, digestion, immune and healing/repair systems. Treatment releases stress, tension and blockages from the nervous system, so that its intelligence can guide the immune system and free you to move in life. It is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life.

Maor Netsah has treated everyone from Olympic athletes to office workers, new-born babies to the elderly – anyone who wants to be free from pain, improve performance, and fulfil their potential in life.

Since graduating from a 4 year Integrated Master’s Degree in Osteopathy (UK) in 2014, Maor has continued intensively training in all aspects of manual therapy and movement rehabilitation, and assisting in training medical students at UWH Medical University, Germany. He has worked in the UK, as well as at Body holiday, a world-class spa resort in the Caribbean, where he also taught exercise, Tai chi and Qigong.

Maor will be at Atmantan till October 28th, 2018. Maor is invited to Atmantan to give enhanced results to our guests. Integrative Manual Therapy is a more holistic and in-depth diagnosis of body pain and is utilized to heal the same. IMT treatment is extremely popular in the west and we are one of the few resorts in the east, to introduce this and give his services for a complete month!

About Integrative Manual Therapy:

  • This treatment is basically the fusion of physiotherapy, chiropractic, craniosacral. These 3 are the derivatives of Integrative Manual Therapy.
  • This was originated in US
  • It is the synthesis of philosophy and science with bone setting. It is the basis of modern physiotherapy but does not necessarily have to be curative.
  • The idea is to release tension of the mind… via examination and diagnosis of the body.
  • To find the root cause of why the body is behaving in a particular fashion and then treat it.
  • This is what the native American Indians and Chinese have followed over years.
  • This is a non talking therapy but it will still enable the movement of your mind, body and soul.
  • Maor says, “your external body is the only the tip of the iceberg, the real problem is connected with your insides”.

Cost of the session: Kindly call +91 20 6676666 or write to us at for all the details. *T&C Apply

Dr. Petra Müller – Visiting Atmantan between 04th Jan to 27th Jan.

Dr. Petra Müller

Dr. Petra Müller

A specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psycho-analysis. For over 20 years, she has guided people through challenging times and has helped them get back in touch with themselves.

A general practitioner, psychotherapist and homeopath. She is currently working as a chief physician in a hospital in southern Germany. Furthermore, she has developed her own consulting concept, on the basis of which she can use all the important knowledge she has learned during her intensive studies of Eastern and Western philosophy, astrology, shamanism and many others.


  • Multi-disciplined approach.
  • Supports the deepening process of personal development.
  • Improving body-mind integration leading to significant, meaningful and sustainable transformation
  • Includes teachings and tools from various clinical and spiritual disciplines.


  • Specific technique of investigation of the mind and a therapy inspired by this technique.
  • Psychoanalysis is nothing speculative, that it binds more to psychotherapy and less to philosophy, art or culture in general.

To book your appointment call us at +91 20 66866666 or write to us at

Cosmetic Acupuncture for the first time in India, Dr Liana Nenacheva brings with her a revolutionary age reversal treatment,
Visit Atmantan from the 1st-31st October

Dr Liana Nenacheva

Dr. Liana Nenacheva is a holistic doctor and nutrition specialist who utilizes alternative methodologies to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. It is her passion to assist others in achieving their true unlimited potential and optimal wellness.

She is an experienced practitioner of Facial Rejuvenation and Acupuncture Body Modulation. Dr. Nenacheva has studied extensively with an internationally recognized expert.

Dr. Liana Nenacheva S.D., L.Ac., a diplomat of Chinese herbology, was born in Russia where she studied western medicine (MD, SD), and practiced as an MD for 30 years in Russia and Belgium as well as oral, facial and reconstructive surgery.

She has successfully completed the following studies in Belgium, China, and Bali:

  • Master in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for adults and children
  • Master in Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Cranio-Sacral therapy
  • Causal medicine
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Trigger Point therapy
  • Chef training in natural cooking
  • Vegan training
  • Cooking according to the 5 elements
  • Yoga therapy
  • Mindfulness, and
  • Meditation

Dr. Liana has the unique ability of identifying the root underlying issues for both basic and complex health and nutritional problems and diseases. She uses a straightforward approach that embodies a combination of causal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga and yoga therapy, mindfulness, nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle techniques that are easy to follow and enormously effective. She has helped hundreds of people achieve radiant, long lasting physical and emotional wellness.

She frequently gives talks and teaches seminars to familiarize physicians and practitioners with the concepts of causal medicine, subtle anatomy, TCM, nutrition therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and broadening their applications in Western medicine.

To read more: Click here


Family Wellness Camp: Dr. Anu Mehta – Visiting Atmantan between 15th May to 15th June 2017.
Workshop on emotional freedom technique.

Dr. Anu Mehta

Conducted by : Dr. Anu Mehta.
She is India’s first master trainer in META-Health and advanced clearing energetic in India.
She will also be available for individual/family consultation for:

NES Health Energy Scan
A scan that identifies the blockages and distortions in the flow of human energy field using the advanced miHealth scanner. By putting energy back into the specific area at issue, miHealth can then raise the electrical potential of those cells, restoring system, sending a signal to the brain to direct resources to that particular part of the body as part of the natural healing response. (Rs. 5000/- plus taxes for 75 Mins)

Luscher Colour & Art Diagnostics
Is a blend of Luscher colour diagnoses and artwork using which one can identify the person’s stste of mind and personality, conflicts, traumas, past, present and future plans, desires, aversions, dislikes, his addictions, his required projected and desired behaviour and also diseases he will be prone to. (Rs. 5000/- plus taxes for 75 Mins)

EFT is psychological acupressure or acupressure without the needles.
It helps to:
Remove negative emotions.
Reduce or eliminate pain
Implement positive goals

Celebrity Chef Ronaldo Visits Atmantan March 17th to April 8th

Ronaldo Fulieri

Ronaldo Fulieri is nutritionist and holistic chef… who is friendly, energizing and definitely an inspiring Brazilian who is passionate about nutrition and cooking. He loves and respects food and knows that fresh ingredients have to be used adequately to preserve maximum nutrition and bio availability. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, nutritionist and chef Ronaldo Fulieri’s first book, Ronaldo’s Kitchen: The Superpower of Nutrition brings not only delicious and simple recipes to your dining room table but, well informed nutritional information that will help you to enjoy good food and experience weight loss at the same time.

Joining us all the way from Australia (Gold Coast), Ronaldo is visiting us from March 17th to April 8th. He is partnering with our super chefs to prepare delectable meals for you from the local farms of Atmantan. Feed on this diabetes and cardio vascular healing cuisine only at Atmantan.

To book your appointment call us at +91 20 26362222 or write to us at

Top Healing Therapist in the World – Jacqueline Bourbon is visiting Atmantan from 18th Dec – 10th Jan.

Jacqueline Bourbon

British-born Jacqueline Bourbon is a healer, a transformational teacher, a medium and a sage. Jacqueline performs treatments such as private sittings, energy readings, spiritual assessments and healing and Traditional Tibetan Sound Healing. By combining her knowledge of philosophies and practices from the East and West with her own compassion and spiritual values, Jacqueline helps her clients to realise their potential and lead more joyful and fulfilling lives. As a business-woman and entrepreneur, she understands the stresses and strains faced in daily life and provides the tools to overcome not only work-related issues but also emotional and health problems, including disrupted sleep.

Listed by Conde Nast Travellers’ Magazine as one of the Top Healing Therapists in the World, Jacqueline is also an accredited Tutor at the Internationally renowned Psychic and Mediumistic ‘Arthur Findlay College’ (in Essex, UK). Initiated into Kriya Yoga by Roy Eugene Davis, the remaining initiated disciple of ParmahansaYogananda, she has studied with Swamis in the Hindu tradition; trained with Taoist Monks and Masters in Wudang, China; tutored by a 3rd-generation Master in Traditional Tibetan Sound Healing in Kathmandu, and also edits Buddhist teachings for a Tibetan Rinpoche in Nepal.

Practising and teaching Healing, Mediumship, Psychic Awareness and Meditation extensively for over twenty years, she works with a wide-ranging repertoire of Healing Arts and the Intuitive Sciences, incorporating elements and traditions from every corner of the Globe. Her eclectic client base includes Royal Families, Heads of States and Members of Governments, Celebrities, CEOs and Pro Bono work, including animals, worldwide.

Jacqueline’s healing works on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She is able to detect unhealthy patterns, and will work with guests to re-pattern and resolve the underlying causes of their problems. Her sessions incorporate individually tailored energy work, meditation, counselling and healing to ultimately establish a new, healthier and more satisfying way of living.

‘Jacqueline is one of those special people that come into your life very rarely, and change it exponentially for the better. Her impact on one of the members of my family cannot be measured; suffice to say it set us on a completely life-altering track. How does she know this stuff? What is it that she actually does? I’ve got absolutely no idea – but it’s brilliant!’ MELINDA STEVENS, EDITOR CONDE NAST TRAVEL MAGAZINE UK