Emotional Healing Therapies For Optimum Wellness


By Sharmilee Agrawal Kapur, Founder & Pranic Healer at Atmantan

Emotions are feelings & thoughts responses that are a sign of a thinking mind & a living soul.

It is crucial for all of us to address, balance & enrich emotional state, as this is pertinent to enhancing  healing & well-being!

Why is Emotional Wellness crucial?

Physical, Emotional & Mental Benefits


2. Reduces stress & depression

1. Helps evolve spiritually & gain inner peace

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Wellness Benefits

3. Improves sleep quality & immunity

5. Improves respiration, cardiac and cognitive health & lowers blood pressure

4. Promotes inner detoxification & longevity

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A top-notch spiritual discipline, Yoga helps to gain inner purification by cleansing mind & soul. Practise Pranayama, Chanting, Trataka, Yogic Mudras to sharpen your mind and strengthen the Aura.



It cleanses the aura off negative elementals.This healing practice makes you feel emotionally lighter, while therapeutically cleansing you

Pranic Healing Salt Baths


It boosts inner awareness and calmness while evolving spiritually. 

Guided Meditation


It helps release toxins from both the body & Aura to replenish & heals you!

Sleep therapy is a fabulous mental enhancer that relaxes you during sleep




Laughter therapy helps secrete endorphins which helps people get out of a depressed mood


Cuddle Therapy

This is a physically therapeutic process that fulfils the human needs of acceptance, love, appreciation, approval and warmth.It supports our innate need for basic human touch & you can try this with your partner, child, pet or your cuddle toy!


Dance Movement Therapy

This therapy helps to achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration through dance movements.


Music & Sound Therapies

It therapeutically addresses our physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs.It improves respiration, cardiac and cognitive health while also reducing stress and muscle tension


Crystal Healing

An ancient healing technique, it has the power to radiate healing properties to the wearer/user. It lends healing & spirituality, protects from negativity & works on the physical and emotional level too!

Practise these healing techniques to manage stress with improved diet & healthy lifestyle choices to enhance your emotional wellbeing & mental outlook


Holistic Health

Journey Through Yoga

Wellness Retreats that help in Emotional Healing

Detox Retreat

Ayurveda Paanchakarma

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