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Specialised Wellness Packages

Fitness and yoga activities

Sleep Sanctuary:

SLEEP SANCTUARY is a special sleep therapy program curated to foster optimal memory, weight, mood, and musculoskeletal health. Here the sleep sanctuary creates for you a comfortable environment that promotes restful sleep for better health. The purpose of creating a Sleep Sanctuary is to remove distractions that interfere with proper sleep, as well as to improve the actual quality of sleep. This retreat includes techniques that induce a tranquil, rejuvenating and rested sleep. A proper sleep cycle is pertinent for our overall wellbeing, as it is during this sleep cycle that the body repairs and re-builds itself. Hence, improving sleep patterns should be a crucial priority for everyone.

Fitness and yoga activities

Spinal Health Programme:

The Spine can be defined as a vital bone in the body that is made up of many chains of bones or vertebrates that extend all the way from the skull to the lower back or to the tail in the back. The spine plays many critical functions in the human body like:

  • Protects the spinal cord, nerve roots and several of the body’s internal organs
  • Helps in conveying a message from the brain to various parts of the body and vice-versa
  • Provides structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture, while enabling flexible motion

A damaged spine or a chronic spine malfunction can cause many different kinds of problems/ conditions for an affected person that can range from minor pain to lack of mobility or even the lack of control over one’s body. Therefore, the SPINAL HEALTH program helps take the essential corrective actions to safeguard spinal health and ensures that the prognosis/ disease is dealt with/caught on sooner than later.

Fitness and yoga retreats

Yuva Edition:

Atmantan brings forth the unique YUVA EDITION – The Youth Retreat, (for youngsters between the ages of 16 to 25 years) where the complete focus is on optimizing their lifestyle and teaching them to create their own unique soul, mind, and body wellness formula. This practice of lifestyle correction is done in the nurturing environment here as it promotes and instills a deeper reflection of wellness along with an education about the cause-effect of an optimal lifestyle.

The YUVA EDITION – Youth Retreat is a scientifically researched fitness and lifestyle improvement retreat for Generation Z and the younger millennials where they are guided and closely supervised as they take on the process of correcting their lifestyle through a transformative experience led by the experts in wellness.

Atmantan Physiotherapy


Our musculoskeletal system is made up of muscles, bones, and joints, teamed up with cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, all of which enable us to effectively undertake our daily activities; When some of these aren’t working in harmony, the comforts of our body that we take for granted are threatened to a level of permanent damage… The RESTORATIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY Retreat can help you find a solution to this! This retreat focusses on restoring mobility, strength & improving quality of movement such that the desired level of physical comfort is achieved.

Our team of experts are specialized in treating a wide gamut of orthopedic related conditions, may it be osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, joint instabilities, restoration of muscle and joint functions, chronic musculoskeletal conditions or even certain neurological related conditions, help you get back to the peak of your physical help here.

Fitness and yoga activities

Family Wellness Camp:

Atmantan Wellness Centre, a pioneer in the wellness industry, is spearheading the concept of healthy family vacations. Our program, the FAMILY WELLNESS CAMP, has been designed to introduce all members of the family (especially children in the age group of 8-14) to the right lifestyle choices in a fun and relaxed environment. This program comes around annually in summer months where guests can finally travel to Atmantan with their children to take the perfect wellness holiday where the whole family can put healthy habits in motion for a lifetime. We have already had 3 editions of the FAMILY WELLNESS CAMP!

Atmantan Physiotherapy

Disease management program

(Natural Healing)
Around 60%–70% of all health care visits that we tend to make are for lifestyle-based diseases… simply put, the preventable diseases! These lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other non-communicable diseases are today amongst the fastest-growing causes of death and disability around the globe.

Lifestyle diseases are defined as diseases that are linked with /caused by, the way people live their life. This is commonly caused by bad lifestyle choices which could include alcohol consumption, drug abuse and smoking, as well as lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating.

Ironically, these diseases appear to increase in frequency as countries become more industrialized and people live longer! It might hence seem counterintuitive cause as a nation becomes more affluent, there is a significant rise in lifestyle-based or non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and auto-immune diseases

For exactly all of the above, we have Atmantan’s NATURAL HEALING Retreat. This customized retreat is a medically-guided comprehensive program that addresses these very lifestyles and auto-immune conditions!

Fitness and yoga activities

Mental & emotional well-being:

There is a multitude of factors that affect our health and wellness; environmental pollutions and oxidative stress or trauma are major contributing factors to the onset and progression of illness in life… and finally when you wish to combat these preventively, then you are taking the crucial first step towards wellness. Good mental & physical health is something that can always be worked upon… The HOLISTIC HEALTH retreat provides you with the right environment to heal from all the negative irritants in the day to day life and helps address your chosen life goals which you proactively work towards at Atmantan, thus leading you towards the wellness of your soul, mind and body. This retreat is all about helping you reset the chakras, release the toxins, undoing the emotional knots, and consequently help you get to the optimal level both physically and mentally with the use of alternative medicine healing techniques… all this takes you towards greater wellness and life enhancement.