Yuva Edition – Weight & Lifestyle Management for the Youth


Atmantan brings forth the YUVA EDITION RETREAT, (for youngsters between the ages of 16 to 25 years) where the complete focus is on optimizing their lifestyle and teaching them to create their own unique soul, mind, and body wellness formula. This practice of lifestyle correction is done in the nurturing environment of Atmantan that promotes and instills a deeper reflection of wellness as it educates them about the cause-effect consequences of an optimal lifestyle.

Atmantan’s YUVA EDITION, is a scientifically researched fitness and lifestyle improvement retreat for Generation Z and the younger millennials where they are guided and supervised closely as they take on the process of correcting their lifestyle through a transformative experience led by the experts in wellness!

Approximately 55% of India’s population is under 25, and therefore it becomes essential that we invest in the wellness of this youth from early on itself. These very young adults will act as Atlas’ for us, who will grow up to carry the country on their shoulders; healthy habits need to hence be incorporated into them such that they become habits for a lifetime.



ASHAY, Film maker

VIVEK, Model


Day 51 of my 100 healthy days… and here I am living my best life, feeling fresh and rejuvenated & all kinds of wonderful! I have a lot of unhealthy habits while in Mumbai and I honestly do think the city brings out the worst in me. Which is why this week has been so important for my overall healing. @atmantan launched a new #YuvaEdition people between the ages of 16-30. The first day I got a whole body composition assessment done. Now, I know I’m fat and all… but most days I feel pretty active and healthy. I’m also fairly flexible and strong so I guess I’ve been using those as excuses to avoid admitting my real issues. And boyyy did those issues come to light in the body composition test. Apparently 46 kgs of my total weight (91 kgs) is fat. That’s scary. My body fat percentage is 44%. The normal for women should be maxxx 35%. These stats made me feel bad, but also – now I know my clear goals. It’s not about losing weight or being thin or whatever – it’s about HEALTH!! It’s about being my most healthy self. I’ve seen thin people here this week struggling with exercises too. Luckily the test also revealed that my muscle mass is excellent and my visceral fat is totally normal. So it’s not like I’m entirely a mess. But yes.. kaafi kaam karna padega. I’m 26 now and have given myself till I’m 30 to get all these stats down to normal. If you got this far, thank you for reading. Remember that it shouldn’t be about how you look – it should be about how healthy you are from the inside. LOVE YALL! Thanks for the motivational messages and all the love. I read all your DMs and it gives me a lot of courage. And to @atmantan – thank YOU for this experience! Truly, my atma (soul), mann (mind) and tan (body) feel so good! PEACE OUT! I am a happy chappy. Hope y’all are too! Have a great Sunday. #BeTransformed #POTD #100HealthyDays #Happy #BodyPositivity #BeTheBestYou

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