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By ONKAR SINGH, General Manager, Atmantan Wellness Centre

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” perfectly said by Chinese Sage Confucius and totally relatable… who would not want their passion to become their purpose; means of their livelihood?! There are quite a few examples of successful people who were probably not too great at academics, but have excelled in their field of passion and added their two bits to the society. This is where passion meets purpose! When you are doing what you love doing, you love doing it every single day, you consistently are motivated to keep getting better at it and when it turns into your profession, I don’t define it as ‘work’. It’s like getting paid to play football when football is your passion.

Can you make a “Job” out of your “Passion”?

When your Purpose becomes your Job

What is the purpose of your life? I am not sure how many of us ask ourselves this question. Or are we just living our lives without knowing its purpose? Wrapped around the usual rut? Get Up – Eat– Work– Repeat – a bit of socializing on weekends and c’est tout!

Well, my life was no different until three years back in 2015…

I always enjoyed being a hotelier, believing I was good in whatever I was doing. I believed I was able to make a difference in the lives of guests and associates I would interact with. I loved my job and I gave my 100 percent but serving people, was that my purpose? I wasn’t sure… Also, the industry I had chosen to work for had occupational hazards that results into weight gain.. But then one always finds excuses… I too would always blame my lifestyle in the Hotel industry… though I would try to work-out regularly, clearly with the kind of lifestyle I had.. that wasn’t enough. Then about three years back I met this wonderful young man of 24, an engineering student by profession but a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast by passion -Mr. Chandan Umathe. A small discussion with him totally inspired me to take up my health seriously. I realized “It is not about having time, it is about making time”. My decision to train with him was made! I learnt that it’s not about losing weight or fat, it’s about making the right choice of food, sleeping habits and activities, in short “right lifestyle”! And everything falls in place eventually.

Image of Hiking to mount palse in Mulshi
Onkar with his son Bhavishya on a Sunday morning

It was during this process of training with Chandan I realized that I am really enjoying my journey to fitness and maybe this is the purpose of my life “to be fit and encourage fitness”. Since then I have not only attained my desirable body statistics by improving my lifestyle, but also learnt how to manage healthy food habits. During my journey of transformation, I focused on cycling and a through workout regime, I significantly monitored my calories, macronutrients, micronutrient and water intake with help of Chandan. I slowly got a hang of it and became self-sufficient in planning my diet. One most important thing I learnt in this process is that in addition to every important thing mentioned, we must not underestimate the importance of proper sleep of minimum 7 to 8 hours, as it is during this time that our mind, body and soul heal and get prepared for the next day of grind.

Today, my schedule typically looks like this: 6 days a week: Monday to Saturday: One Hour: Morning: Outdoor Cycling or Running, Followed by about 30 Minutes Yoga or Stretching.

Fitness image

Evening 6 Days a week, about one and a half hour strength training focusing on different Muscles in sets from Monday to Friday and finishing with Heavy Legs exercise on Saturday. Abs and Core every day on 6 days. Sunday is a complete Rest.

I love to educate and myself and my loved ones on health and wellness… It’s a consistent effort! Today, health and fitness is on an all time high trend… People have realised the importance of ‘being fit’.. It’s important to feel good from inside to look good on the outside.. grooming and looking good has become essential in the corporate world… and why not? I have motivated and helped many a friends by helping them understand their wellness goals and how to achieve the desired transformation.

Co-incidentally, whilst on my transformation journey, I came across this wonderful opportunity at “Atmantan” and I decided to explore it. As Jon Maxwell correctly said, “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

Image of cycling trip to Mahabaleshwar

I am grateful to be a part of a World Class Destination Wellness Centre team, where I can use my professional hoteliering skills and my passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle to support a team that is living with the purpose of improving lives of all and better their lifestyles. The team at Atmantan helps all the visitors and guests to achieve their wellness goals by encouraging them to bring in permanent positive lifestyle changes.

#betransformed is our mantra at Atmantan and I for one practice it every single day!