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8 Emotional Healing Therapies For Better Health & Wellbeing

By Sharmilee Agrawal Kapur, Founder-Director (Atmantan Wellness Centre) & Pranic Healer
29, NOV, 2020

emotional healing therapies

Emotions are feelings, thoughts and responses that are a sign of a thinking mind, a living soul and a reactive body; they produce different physiological, behavioural and cognitive changes as well. Doesn’t it then become crucial for all of us to first and foremost address, balance and even enrich our emotional state… as this is pertinent to enhancing our healing and well-being! We have had some of the toughest times of our life this year and it’s all-natural that all of us are carrying the baggage in the form of duress and are not in an emotional equilibrium either;
Here are 8 emotional wellness activities you can start doing right away at home to boost personal emotional healing…

1. Yoga

Yoga is essentially a top-notch spiritual discipline that helps one achieve a harmonious union between mind and body, through controlled asanas (Yogic postures) and breathwork.
The constituents of Yoga are many:

  • Pranayama (practices of controlling the breath as you release toxins),
  • Chanting (Chanting mantras helps release positive energy while also cleansing the soul, mind and personal environment such that there is a reduction in anxiety and stress),
  • Trataka (A yogic purification technique of staring at one point/dot/candle flame; this brings energy to the “third eye” and is known to also promote various psychic abilities),
  • Yogic Mudras which is the practice of balancing the vital energy throughout the body by joining different combinations of the fingers and thumbs

    (e.g. The Kalesvara Mudra assists in eliminating addictions, the Tse Mudra that lifts that relieves depression and grief, the Surabhi Mudra assists in relieving pain and inflammation etc.) and
  • Super Brain Yoga (Another one of Master Choa Kok Sui’s – Founder of Modern Pranic Healing unique fix known for aura balancing and also for sharpening the mind and strengthening the Aura.) Please note the patented method below:

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As the name suggests, this is a physically therapeutic process of indulging in platonic, non-sexual and non-invasive physical intimacy to fulfil the human needs of acceptance, love, appreciation, approval and warmth.
This form of therapy is found to be safe, and something that specifically supports our innate need, or cravings, for basic human touch. The physical aspect of cuddling helps heal the emotional us… you can try this with your partner, child, pet or even your favourite cuddle toy!


These Salt Baths cleanse the aura off negative elementals and are best advised of being done daily… this is when you apply salt to your rinsed body and leave the salt on your body for a minute (While having your tongue touch the palate/roof of the mouth for the entire period).
After a certain number of breaths, simply rinse the salt off and lo and behold, you would now have cleansed your Aura! This Pranic Healing practice makes you feel emotionally lighter, while therapeutically cleansing you… this is an amazing prerequisite of any spiritual practice.



Laughter helps secretes endorphins which helps people get out of an unsettled or a depressed mood; Laughter therapy hence is a non-invasive and non-pharmacological alternative treatment for stress and depression.


Sleep Therapy is another fabulous mental & physical health enhancer that relaxes and repairs the self during sleep (you can self-induce a healthy sleeping pattern by reducing exposure to blue light 2-3 hours before sleep time, do breathing exercises to relax the mind, have a cleansing shower etc.). Even eating a nutritious diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Probiotics, leafy greens etc. and staying off caffeine are known to naturally stimulate the mood.
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Meditation in itself is a practice of mindfulness where one can reach a state of inner awareness and calm while evolving spiritually; a guided version simply has a guru, master or scholar leading us through the said meditation step by step, wherein we learn to focus on the instructions given. These guided meditations while helping us release toxins from both the body and the Aura, also replenishes and heals us!

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Dance Movement Therapy

These guided techniques can be in the form of Dance Movement Therapy, (usually referred to simply as dance therapy or DMT), where one can achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration through dance movements.

Music & Sound Therapy

Even Music & Sound Therapy is a form of guided meditation where the music therapeutically addresses our physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs.
These forms of meditation improve respiration, lower blood pressure, improve cardiac and cognitive health while also reducing stress and muscle tension!


Crystal, though a rock formation has certain unique attributes that make it an ideal healing tool… for starters, Crystal has a ‘consciousness of its own’; This simply means that it has the power to bring forth or radiate healing properties to the wearer/user as per its own constituency.

Forms of Crystals –

1. Rose Quartz Crystals –

The pink/rose quartz crystals are known to radiate loving energy to the wearer; the clear crystal works on the physical and emotional level;

2. Labradorite Crystal –

The labradorite crystal lends healing cleanse & spirituality to the wearer;

3. Hematite Crystal –

The Hematite crystal provides protection from negativity, and there are others one can use as need be.)

This is an ancient alternative medicine technique and something that one can try as long as one is receptive to it. While wearing or using healing crystals, one can also ‘charge’ and ‘program’ the crystal to provide the owner with the benefits of its various properties; lastly, crystals should also be regularly cleaned by soaking them in salt water (for a few hours or overnight).


Affirmations is the ‘Secret’ to Manifestation! When we affirm with a clear, calm and believing mind, we can call upon the energy of the universe to manifest anything that we want or need. These affirmations empower the energy of the emotional body and can help fix the mind, body and soul.
The Magic of this Secret needs to be sincerely tried first hand, and then you will become a believer for life… but there is just one catch: You need to affirm positively so that these manifestations supplement your emotional health, instead of depleting you (by ridding you with guilt, unhappiness, etc. kind of negative elementals).


This is a simple technique of positively giving thanks and feeling grateful & thankful for someone, something or anything in life; this is an ancient technique of Karma cleansing whereby being thankful and acknowledging the act or the person, in-turn brings us good Karma. The fact of the matter is that ‘gratitude’ whenever done, brings forth positive energy and abundance to us, and this heals the self, both emotionally and physically!
One can even create gratitude rituals (like journals, morning prayer of gratitude etc.) that can be done daily, this practice enhances our overall well-being, while also positively impacting the energy surrounding us.

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