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What men over 40 years of age should do for wellness and work-life balance!

By Nikhil Kapur, Atmantan Wellness Centre
20, APR, 2019

 The 40s are known to be an interesting phase in everyone’s life. There is a change that happens in responsibilities & interests amongst other things. A few months ago, I was having a chat with a dear friend about how our choices in our 40s will impact our lives in the innings (the 50s, 60s, and 70s…) to follow. We spoke about the choices that will help us achieve the most optimum well-being that is possible for our years ahead of us. 

There is no call louder than crossing the age of 40 and still finding yourself questioning your lifestyle patterns. Although we figure out some set of habits that work for our daily routine, these may not essentially be something that takes care of our wellness as well as they do of our routine. To break free from the desk-bound lives and listen to your bodily, family, mental and wellness need it is essential to build up a work-life balance. 

The pressure to have it all can make us fail in both home and work life. And to strike a balance between both, men over 40 years of age should practice some healthy lifestyle habits that improve their work-life balance and takes care of wellness too. Here is what you need to do!

Taking an appointment with yourself 

Most of us lead busy lives or unknowingly complicate it which results in very little time for ‘me’ i.e. the person who is wearing the physical body. The 40s is a great time to start taking out more time for yourself and understanding that the happiness that we are looking for lies within us and not in external material possessions. I am not saying that material possessions are not good (hey…I love my race bicycle) but let it not run your life. The Indian culture is blessed with these teachings and I am confident that there will be classes happening in your neighborhood… OR book yourself for a weeklong spiritual holiday the next time. Many regard this as a detox of the soul!

Take your sleep seriously!

We all know sleep is important. But once you cross the age of 40, its time to re-evaluate your sleeping habits and understand that taking 8-10 hours of sleep daily is important to recharge your body. During the 40s, the body tends to get more tired due to increased stress levels and significant hormonal changes. To balance it out, having a healthy sleeping pattern is essential. Instead of chasing the alarms and snooze buttons, ensure that you sleep well and get up fresh.

Eat right

If you have picked up the wrong habits over the past years, then it’s a great time to take a step back and reorganize your kitchen. Diet plays an incredibly important role in all bodily functions: cognitive, sleep, neurological, etc. Eat everything – fats, carbs, proteins and the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.). 

Health is a concern as you age. With the right nutrition, you can keep your body healthy and active while protecting it from various diseases. Healthy eating translates into creating an active life that can help you be productive and encompass more into your daily schedule. Daily intake of protein, vitamins, and minerals by way of organic eating, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts helps in maintaining the nutrition of the body. When you eat right you are able to strike a balance between your work and personal life with mindfulness and energy. 

Yoga – the essence of life! Yoga image  

Exercising daily is essential for the body. And Yoga is a journey where you can tend to not just physical fitness but also mental and emotional wellbeing. The vivid asanas in Yoga make you stronger, flexible and increase stamina. Yoga helps in balancing the hormones and also works in slowing the aging process. With regular meditation, chanting, etc. one can ensure a more balanced life for the years ahead.

Yoga is a full body and mind workout. The physical benefits of Yoga include strength, flexibility, and balance. Pranayama is a great way to strengthen the body to deal with stress!  

Build Strength 

Work on your aerobic fitness (cardiovascular health by running, swimming, biking, etc.) but don’t ignore muscle strength. Try and clock the gym at least twice a week to build the main muscle groups as this will compliment your quality of life in the years to come

You can continue your sport and it’s never too late to pick a sport. However, remember there is a risk of sports injuries. So, if you are running, playing a racquet game or soccer, etc., make sure that you strengthen your body in all the 3 planes (frontal, sagittal, transverse) as this helps avoid injuries

Social Health 

We are all caught up in chasing our careers! This is a good time to consolidate relationships with our family and friends. Call that school friend of yours, catch up with your distant relatives, partake in the activities that you like, join groups and communities of like-minded individuals. All of this will not only help you refine your skills and hobbies but improve your social health as well.

Learn time management

Lay attention to what you makes out of your 24 hours. Instead of juggling with work and life all day through, take the initiative to balance it out and divide your day into work and personal time. Avoid working overtime, or stretching your timeline beyond the work schedules. Time management plays a key role in balancing your daily schedule and takes care of wellbeing too.

Men over the age of 40 have a tough time redefining their habits and patterns. But making small changes daily to tend to wellness and bodily needs strikes the work-life balance perfectly!